Black Sheep Fibre Broadband

Superfast Fibre Broadband is now available! Don't get left in the Internet slow lane!

Fibre optic cable is being installed by BT Openreach direct from the exchange to a street cabinet near your location.

This means you can now or will soon be able to get superfast Fibre Broadband!

(Give us a bell on 0800 092 5439 to let us check if your area has been enabled yet).

Chances are you’re currently paying for a broadband speed you probably cant actually get or a service that’s not right for your business requirements!

The trouble is, your broadband speed is affected by how far your location is from the telephone exchange. The further away you are, the slower your broadband — no matter what speed you signed up for! If you’re very lucky you might actually get near to the fastest speed available using old style ADSL2 broadband, 24Mb.

With the introduction of Fibre Broadband things are changing!

In recent years BT Openreach have been forced to open up all of their networks to competition which includes the new Fibre service.

With our own business grade Fibre Broadband service running on top of BT’s network we can now deliver a blistering maximum 74Mb download speed and 15Mb upload speed direct to your location.

Make a note of the potential 15Mb upload speed, for business users it makes a huge difference! If you exchange lots of emails or large documents and files with your customers then this is going to give you lightening fast send speeds.

 What we can do for you…

* We can test the distance of your line to the exchange and the actual quality of the line to give you a better understanding of what broadband service is right for your business.

* We can assess your router / modem, sockets & filters & phone wiring to ensure your own equipment isn't limiting your broadband service!

* We offer a range of Fibre broadband connections that we can tailor to your requirements based on the actual connection speed you're likely to get and what applications you use the internet for. 

NB: You may need a new router/modem to connect to the new Fibre Broadband service, we can also supply these if needed.

For friendly advice about how Black Sheep Fibre Broadband could improve your business’s broadband Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth give us a call on:- 0800 092 5439.

You can also download our Fibre Broadband Leaflet by clicking here.