SMS Messaging Solutions

Want To Keep In Touch With Your Clients Via SMS Messaging Or Run An SMS Based Promotion?

We have a comprehensive web based SMS Messaging portal (MAP) which allows you to set up SMS based campaign broadcasts and promotions to keep in touch with clients. We can also provide short codes (e.g txt TEST to 63451) so that potential clients can respond to your adverts (these can even be set up to generate revenue if you wish).

About Dialogue Mobile Applications Portal (MAP)

MAP is an online service designed for anyone who wants to use mobile messaging as a channel to their customers.

Who uses it ?

* Marketing professionals use it to run text and multimedia marketing campaigns.

* Content owners use it to sell ringtones, images, video clips, games and other media to consumers.

* Local authorities and other government agencies use it to exchange text messages with users of local services.

* Radio and TV stations use it to run topical text quizzes and votes.

Key features:

* Easy to use. Aimed at the non-technical user in a hurry. Each messaging application (eg broadcast, vote, quiz, ringtone delivery) is encapsulated in an easy-to-use campaign , which is organised via an intuitive, wizard-style interface.

* Rapid deployment. Create a campaign, test it and offer a live service within minutes.

* Advanced content management. Upload and store your content or refer to content stored on your own servers. Digital Rights Management (DRM) helps you control illegal use of your content, and Content Repurposing ensures that consumers receive content suited to their handset.

* Premium-rate SMS lets you charge consumers as required, and the unrivalled billing platform ensures that your revenue shares are paid on time.

* Comprehensive reporting and tracking. View a range of management reports to track message volumes, content sales and so on, as well as more technical reports showing, for example, which handsets are most popular with your customers. If you need to follow up a specific customer transaction, the powerful search facility lets you locate it with ease.

* Modularity. Java-based plug-in architecture allows custom-campaigns to be built and deployed quickly.

* Reliability and resilience. Service infrastructure is second to none in terms of reliable and resilient message delivery.

For more indepth info on how it works why not Download the User Guide.

For more information give us a call and we can discuss your requirements. Tel 0800 092 5439.