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Black Sheep Business Communications is a North West, UK based company. It is operated as a family business with all its employees taking pride in customer service and following the principles of a jargon free and honest approach to Telecoms. This philosophy forms the cornerstone of our business.

We specialise in providing the full spectrum of telecoms services to businesses throughout the North West UK and beyond.

What We Can Do For You...

 * Need A New Phone System Or Maintenance & Upgrades For An Existing System?
Is your phone system unreliable, expensive to maintain, due for retirement or not “fit for purpose”? Are you missing things that other companies have? Not enough incoming lines, no voice mail, digital receptionist, transfers, queues, announcements, or music on hold? We supply new phone systems perfectly suited to small business. We can also maintain and upgrade most existing phone systems. Whatever your requirements just give us a call for friendly unbiased advice. We’re always happy to help. Tel 0800 092 5439.
 * Set Your Office Phone Free With A Hosted Phone System…
If you work from home, from a small office or from many different locations (even abroad) then this is the perfect office phone solution. It requires no equipment at your location other than your handset and an internet connection! Simply plug your phone into the internet  and make and receive calls on a normal UK number! Big system features like digital receptionist music on hold and voicemail are all available. Give us a call for more information. Tel 0800 092 5439.
 * Need New Phone Lines Installing?
We can arrange for all types of new phone lines to be installed at your business. Via our suppliers online portal we have access into the BT ordering system. All lines are installed and maintained using BT Openreach. Tell us your requirements and we’ll arrange everything for you from placing the order through to the actual installation. Let us take the hassle out of the process! Just give us a call to discuss what you need. Tel 0800 092 5439.
 * Who Else Wants To Slash £££’s From Their Phone Bill?
If you’re still with BT or another big supplier for call charges and/or line rental we can pretty much guarantee that you're paying more than you need to! In nearly all cases its possible to simply and easily reduce your phone bill for calls made and rental of the lines. Our services allow users of BT telephone lines (and most other suppliers) to move their calls across to us to make large savings whether or not the call is to a local, national, mobile or international number. It's free to move, with no long term commitments (just 30 days notice), and there are no changes in phone number or quality of service. There’s no need for a visit or any interruption to your phone line whatsoever. Essentially all that happens when you transfer Call  and  Line rental to us is that we take over the billing of your existing services using our own discounted rates. Give us a call now to find out how much you could potentially save. Tel 0800 092 5439.

 * Lots Of Local Businesses Aren’t Getting The Broadband Speed They’re Paying for!
Why Be One Of Them? Chances are you’re paying for a broadband speed you probably cant actually get or a service that’s not right for your business requirements! The trouble is, your broadband speed is affected by how far your location is from the telephone exchange. The further away you are, the slower your broadband — no matter what speed you signed up for! We offer a range of broadband connections that we can tailor to your requirements based on the actual connection speed you're likely to get and what applications you use the internet for. We can also test the distance of your line to the exchange and the actual quality of the line to give you a better understanding of what broadband service is right for your business. Don’t  keep paying for services you cant get or that aren't fit for purpose! For helpful and friendly advice just give us a call now. Tel 0800 092 5439.

 * Need A Non Geographic Number For Your Business... 0800, 0844, 0845, 0871?
"Call us free" is a compelling message, particularly when your business offers products or services which are similar to those of its competitors. Scanning the Yellow Pages for a plumber and finding only one with an 0800 freephone number, who would you call? 0800 numbers are free to the caller from most land lines and are billed to the owner of the recipient number. When calling 0844, 0845 and 0871 numbers, part of the cost of the call is paid to the recipient number owner,  this is known as “revenue sharing”. We can supply all types of Non Geographic numbers. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements. Tel 0800 092 5439
 * Want To Keep In Touch With Your Clients Via SMS Messaging Or Run An SMS Based Promotion?
We have a comprehensive web based SMS Messaging portal which allows you to set up SMS based campaign broadcasts and promotions to keep in touch with clients. We can also provide short codes (e.g txt TEST to 63451) so that potential clients can respond to your adverts (these can even be set up to generate revenue if you wish). For more information give us a call and we can discuss what you need. Tel 0800 092 5439.

For more details about our products and services and background information about the company and staff please see the links on the left. For friendly hassle free help and advice give us a call on 0800 092 5439 or drop us an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You can also download our "What We Do" leaflet by clicking here.