Telephone Systems

Warning: Your Telephone System Could Be Acting Like A Millstone Around Your Company’s Neck And You Don’t Even Know It!

Does ANY Of This Sound Familiar?

* Are you sprinting across the office to answer someone else’s phone?

* Are you so busy that extensions just ring and ring with no one ever answering them at all? Overwhelmed with your call load?

* Do you find yourself apologising to customers for cutting them off or leaving them on hold for minutes on end? Transferring calls into a “Black Hole”?

* Can’t remember the dozens of function codes for your phone?

* Staff changed or moved but extensions haven’t?

* Is your phone system unreliable, expensive to maintain, have bad quality audio, due for retirement or not “fit for purpose”?

* Do you feel like you’re in a daily battle against an outdated and unmanageable phone system?

* Are you missing stuff that other companies have? Not enough incoming lines, no voice mail, digital receptionist, transfers, queues, announcements, or music on hold?

If any of this sounds familiar then it’s guaranteed you’re losing customers simply because they have to “deal” with your phone system before they get to deal with your company!

As a small business you already know that a telephone call is one of the most important points of contact between you and your customers.

How professionally you deal with customers on the phone can often mean the difference between a happy customer and no customer at all!

If your phone system isn’t up to scratch then its going to be hard to come across as a professional operation. 

Don’t worry...we have the prefect solutions to your phone problems……

Discover A Brand New  Small Business Phone System
That Delivers BIG Feature Functionality!

In the past phone systems have tended to be so expensive that small companies keep them for years, even when they’ve been quite happy to replace other bits of kit in the office. Sound familiar?

Can You Afford To Ignore A Crucial Piece Of Equipment That Helps Keep Your Company In Business? If you’ve ever wished you could afford a feature rich phone system just like the big boys use then wish no more……

Vigor IPPBX 2820

Vigor IPPBX 2820

Vigor IPPBX 3510
Vigor IPPBX 3510

We’ve been installing equipment made by DrayTek for many years. We’ve found it thoroughly reliable and cost effective. DrayTek have now released two fantastic feature rich small business phone systems (IP PBX’s), the Vigor IPPBX 2820n & Vigor IPPBX 3510. What you get……

* A complete replacement to the traditional office phone system and analogue or ISDN lines.

* Uses your existing computer network, you don't need more wiring.

* Can still use regular phone lines (analogue or ISDN2) or VoIP technology instead. VoIP can save hugely on line rental, provides vast flexibility, reduces call costs, maintenance and increases efficiency.

* IP Phones can be placed anywhere in your office, remotely at home or around the world to provide one seamless phone network for your business. Basically wherever you have an Internet connection, you can have an extension on your phone system!

* Supports up to 30 Extensions with the Vigor IPPBX 2820 and up to 100 with the Vigor IPPBX 3510.

* Up to 20 simultaneous calls.

* Supports Direct Inward Dial numbers (DID’s) giving each extension it’s own external phone number.

* Hunt / Ring Groups

* Call Detail Records (i.e who has been dialling what numbers)

* IVR (Interactive Voice Menus for callers, e.g. Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, 3 for...)

* Voicemail for each extension

* Voice message to email

* Music on Hold

* And too many other features to list…

Why not give us a Call on 0800 092 5439 to discuss your requirements and arrange an onsite demo (download our Vigor PBX Leaflet by clicking here)

For Even More Flexability And Features We Also Offer Our Own
Asterisk Based PBX The OneBox......

One Box Cube

The OneBox Cube
OneBox Rack
The OneBox Rack Mount

For those situations where you need even more flexability and features we also supply our own Asterisk based PBX the OneBox. This offers an unrivaled value for money phone system based around the world famous Asterisk Open Source Phone Software. What you get....

* Unlimited Extensions. (No extra licenses required)

* Remote Extensions (Home working and abroad)

* Web Based Administration

* Receptionist operator panel

* Auto-Attendant or IVR

* Time Scheduling

* Unlimited voicemail users/boxes

* VoIP compatible including SIP protocol

* Least Cost routing (least expensive predetermined by system)

* Retain your existing number if moving

* Link multiple offices together as one system

* Music On Hold

* Call Blocking

* Call Return

* Caller ID

* Blacklists

* Call Transfer

* DISA (Direct Inward System Access).

* Speed Dial

* Company directory for storing numbers and easy recall

* Call Pickup

* Call Logging

* Call Pickup

* Call Parking

* Call Forwarding

* Ring Groups

* Call Queuing

* Call Recording of all or on demand calls

* Distinctive ringing

* Do Not Disturb

* Call waiting

* Three way Calling

* Follow-me (one number functionality)

* Click to dial (Dial from Outlook or CRM)

* Conference calls

* Paging/ Public announcements

* Wake up/Alarm Calls

* Local Weather Reports

* Free software updates upon new release

* No new wiring

* Plug the phone in anywhere you have a network point and it'll work

* Digital Dictation

Plus many, many more features we haven’t even listed!

Why not give us a call on 0800 092 5439 to discuss your requirements and arrange an onsite demo.

For more information you can also download our OneBox Leaflet by clicking here.

For a leaflet explaning the OneBox Feature list in greater depth please click here.